Sourcing Policy

We aim to source all of our produce as locally as possible. The closer the better as far as we're concerned. That's why you'll find beef, game, lamb and vegetables farmed on our own Estates wherever possible and a complimentary range of meats, fresh vegetables and ambient products sourced as close to home and directly from the producer as often as we can. That said, we also need to provide you with a product range that is both affordable and of a good quality. This is when it's sometimes necessary to travel further afield to be able to guarantee these things. We also carefully consider how and where products are processed. A beef cow reared a few miles away may often have travelled many miles before it arrives at the shop ready for sale and a jam producer down the road may be sourcing their raw materials from abroad. We take all of this very seriously when stocking our shelves and balance the needs of our customers with our desire to keep things as fresh and local as we can.

As a general rule we'll try to source based on the following hierarchy:
  1. Locally, from our own Estates
  2. Locally, from other producers
  3. Regionally (Lanarkshire)
  4. Regionally (West Central Scotland)
  5. Nationally (Scotland)
  6. Nationally (United Kingdom)
  7. From abroad